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Professor James from Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute Visited Our College
2016-12-28 09:34 Zhang Chao 

   By the invitation of professor Man Baoyuan, professor James (Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Texas of USA) visited our school from 25 to 26 December. Professor James made an exciting academic report with AFM/SEM Application on Nanomedicine subject in the conference room of the second teaching building on the afternoon of December 26. The content abstract of this report as followed:  

  Nanomedicine is a significant subject for the sustainable development human health. Professor James’ research topics mainly include three aspects on: (1) morphological and nanomechanical investigation(AFM); (2) biosensors based on AFM Techniques: a. toward single molecular recognition; b. biomolecular arrays on silicon surface; (3) more application in nanomedicine and industry. Professor James warmly answered questions from associate professor Man Baoyuan and associate professor Xiu Xianwu and Jiang Shouzhen et al and some graduate students.  

  Professor James is a researcher and a director of the Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute. He is also a associate chairman of the alumni association of Shandong Normal University. In 1981, James obtained bachelor degree from Shandong normal university. James devotes himself to using atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy for assisting the characterization of nano functional materials and the research of nanometer medicine technology. These need interdisciplinary knowledge and exquisite microscope technology for research and developing the service. and they had made a lot of important achievements. It have became the most popular research and developmental department in Houston. He hopes that his center of electron microscopy can communicate with the Alma mater and realize common development.     


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