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Associate Professor Yang Hui Ying from Singapore University of Technology and Design Visited Our School
2016-12-25 18:19 Jiang Shouzhen 

   By the invitation of associate professor Jiang shouzhen, associate professor Yang (Singapore University of Technology and Design) Visited our school from 21 to 22 December. Dr. Yang made an exciting academic report with Nanomaterials synthesis and applications for energy storage subject in the conference room of the second teaching building on the morning of December 22. The content abstract of this report as followed:  

   The stable supply of energy and fresh water are two critical challenges for sustainable modern civilizations. Dr. Yang’s team is now leading the research efforts in exceptional nanomaterials and their applications in effective energy storage devices as well as scalable water purification. Her group has developed different low dimensional carbon nanomaterials. Her research has contributed to develop effective solutions by advancing the current science and technology to address the worldwide energy and water scarcity and offer opportunities with economic and social benefits to society. Dr. Yang warmly answered questions from associate professor Zhao yuefeng, Xiu xianwu, Yang cheng, Liu mei,Jiang shouzhen and other teachers .  

   Dr. Yang is an innovator and pioneer of advanced materials science, such as function engineering and chemical doping in low dimensional nanomaterials, for a variety of high-efficient devices and technologies with applications in sustainable energy and environment. She has received a number of prestigious awards including the Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, MCCC-AAET Green Award 2013, IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor Award, L’Oreal Singapore for Women in Science National Fellowship, Lee Kuan Yew Fellowship, and Singapore Millennium Foundation Fellowship. Dr Yang has published more than 150 manuscripts in top international journals, including Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano and Nano Letters, with more than 3500 citations and an H-index at 36.  


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